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two things i’ve never seen before

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The joys of summer vacation! Yesterday I got to go to three yarn stores in Spokane with my mother-in-law, Mary, and my brother-in-law, Chas, both of whom are knitters. There were many great things about this. Since we all knit, and we’re on vacation, we took our time in all three stores. My favorite of these was Paradise Fibers, which is oddly (or maybe conveniently, depending on your point of view) located in a building adjacent to an adult bookstore. Also great was the fact that I found some yarns I had never seen before, which doesn’t happen all that often. And, finally, we got to go to Sonic Burger for lunch, which we never get to do in Michigan.

The first of the two things I had never seen before was this:


This is not a scarf. It’s Flat Feet sock yarn, which is sock yarn that’s been machine-knitted into material and then dyed flat. Chas explained this to me, since I don’t dye, but this method (quite logically) yields different results than dying skeins of yarn. There is waste yarn at the end of the flat material which you remove, and then you start knitting. Instead of having a ball of yarn, you knit directly from the material as it unravels. I’m not sure if my hotel-room photos are doing justice to the bright colors, but here’s a slightly closer picture.

The second thing I had never seen before is this: a lucet. It’s a little wooden thingie that you use to make i-cords. With a little bit of coaching from Chas, I got the hang of it very quickly. He says that you get to the point where you don’t need to watch, and then it’s really easy to do this on a bus or while you’re walking to work. I have to admit, it’s oddly addictive. I can’t wait to get one and then find a project that needs i-cords.

Now, from the hotel room window I see tons of smoke. There seems to be a warehouse fire north of us, which is bad news since it’s windy and hot and dry.

Written by Sherry

July 10th, 2008 at 6:35 pm

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  1. You need to forsake your family and knit that Flat Feet yarn as quickly as possible so I can see what it looks like knitted up.


    11 Jul 08 at 9:27 pm

  2. Well, it may be hard to ditch the family, but I”m going to postpone the other socks I’m knitting and start on it right away. We drive to Portland today, where it looks like there are about 20 more yarn stores…


    12 Jul 08 at 11:10 am

  3. I see the Threadbear guys stashing Flat Feet on Ravelry, so I’m betting it’s going to be available there soon.


    13 Jul 08 at 6:42 pm

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